The Opposing Forces to a Shift in Consciousness

The Opposing Forces to a Shift in Consciousness

A shift in consciousness is absolutely necessary to solve any of the major problems our world faces. There are many people and organizations actively pushing for a shift in consciousness, but there are also many forces opposing the shift.

Here are the major forces opposing a mass shift in consciousness.

People in Power

Unlike most cynics, I am still holding onto the belief that people in power have good intentions. The problem is that when you put good intentions into a fucked up system, those intentions don’t make it out the other side. People with the wonderful intention to “grow the economy” end up “destroying the environment”. Others want to “make the world a safer place” so they willingly “exchange individual freedom for security”.

The only “bad intention” that people in power have is that they desperately want to see the current system continue, even if it takes advantage of others.

So I have no ill-will towards the people in the power. If I was in power I would probably try to keep the current system intact as well.

That being said, the people in power will be dealt with. Hopefully, people with power and influence will wake up and see how they are part of the problem. They can make a difference not by using their power in a different way, but by giving their power back to the people.

As the shift in consciousness occurs, the rules will change and power will be taken away from the few and given to the many.

The Illusion of Scarcity

The illusion of scarcity is the false idea that there “is not enough”. This is the mindset that tells us China is our enemy because there is not enough energy resources for us and them. This mindset tells us that a universal healthcare system is not feasible because there is not enough doctors and hospitals. It tells us that we have to build another pipeline because there is not another way to feed our inexhaustible demand for energy.

Scarcity does exist on some level, but it becomes a problem when we forget about all the abundance in the world. When we are obsessed with scarcity, our creativity is stifled and we are forced to fallback on what has worked in the past. Abundance gives us the faith needed to try new ideas that can actually solve our problems.

As individuals make a personal shift in consciousness, they will use a mindset of abundance to create new solutions to our problems. As we solve our biggest problems, the illusion of scarcity will be exposed and replaced with a faith in abundance.

Our Standard of Living

We have it good in America. Even if you think you have it bad, you probably are not ready to any serious action. This creates a problem because we know we have some major issues that need to be addressed, but on the surface everything seems to be okay. Our “pain threshold” is not being activated.

The pain threshold is the level of pain you are willing to put up with before you make a change in your life. The question is how much collective pain is our society willing to put up with? How much destruction to the environment will be allow to happen so we can continue our economy? How much freedom will we give up before we take action against the government?

I am not sure how far we will let this go, but I know we have not reached our collective pain threshold yet.

The Real Problem

All of the obstacles come down to one central problem – ego. The ego is the part of ourselves that is concerned with labels, status, and individual identity. A tempered ego is healthy and functionally necessary. An overly dominant ego just wants to survive and it does so by reinforcing all of the ideas that created it.

An out-of-control ego will tell you that social status is the most important thing in the world. This will lead you to separate, manipulate, and deceive others just to maintain a certain status.

When a bunch of little egos come together, a collective ego is created.

The collective ego then has the power to destroy the environment, restrict freedom, and start violent wars. Before we can reel-in the collective ego, we need to get our individual egos under control.

What up Ego

The only way to overcome the ego is to learn as much as you can about it. Watch it, see how it works, and form a healthy relationship with it it. Most importantly, recognize when you are acting with the sole intention of preserving your ego and then respond accordingly.

If you need help, a psychedelic experience is a great place to start.

As more people let go of their egos, the opposing forces to a shift in consciousness will disintegrate.

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